Comprehensive Guide For New Chikans



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May 16, 2024
Back then before I got on the field I researched the stories of others and tried to pick up as many tips and tricks I could to not only increase my chances for success but also to keep myself safe. I'll put some of them below along with my own findings from first hand experience.

#1 The Hand Test - Testing how receptive a target is by swiping her butt with the backside of your hand. If she freaks and turns around you can play it off as the crowd.

Personally for me I find that employing this technique in the field conspicuously was very difficult. I tend to not use my hands anyway as I have oddly found that targets seem to be more aware of a backhand or palm on their ass than a dick.

I also find that if you're close enough to land a swipe without looking forward she's already in dick range anyways so I prefer just taking a step forward til I'm a few centimeters away from her butt and letting her "bump" into me.

#2 Crowd Control - One of the most important skills and I can't stress it enough! NEVER try to get through a crowd by barging through from the back, sides, front IDC. This not only severely limits how far into a crowd you can get but also alerts a shit ton of people to your presence, from the annoyed people you barged past to the onlookers. Everyone of them will be watching where you're off to in such a rush so you can guess the problem if you suddenly stop barging and calmly stand all glued up behind a girl.

- Instead when you get in walk to the side of the crowd and wait (I know its hard to not wanna bulldoze in once you see all the girls, hear the booming music and see the writhing crowd but wait for a sec). Look into the crowd and usually you'll see a group of girls or even just one girl either pushing her way forward from the back or a group of girls that have just arrived trying to enter the crowd from the side too. This is your cue. If its the former you can WORM (not barge your way through the crowd sideways until you intercept her. From there jump behind her and follow your express train to the front rows with your dick warmly buried in her cheeks. If the latter then join at the end of the group and follow close behind. You want to look like you know them as simps will let girls through really easy and by the time they see you its too late to block you.

Do not tagalong behind a guy. Why? Because crowds are different from the inside. One second you're barreling to front and center of the crowd the other second you've come to standstill as the person in front of the train you're following has said to whoever you're following they won't let them past. It's happened to me earlier on. I've followed a guy we were making progress and then we crash to a hault. I look around and realie we're right in the middle of that weird all guy pocket every crowd has near the center. I've also found that guys move to the center whereas girls move to the front.

#3 Crowd Surfing - Not in the traditional sense this builds on #2 and if used with it you can get near the front of almost any crowd. I'm not guaranteeing row 2 (I'll explain why in the next section) but at least row 4 or 5. What I mean by crowd surfing is riding the crowd surges to move around the crowd easily. What are crowd surges? Crowd surges are when someone from the back pushes forward cuasing a domino effect which end up pushing a large section of the front forward.

-To ride a wave first make sure you are in range. Wha do I mean? Well when the crowd surges you'll see a large number of people swept off their feet. If you're inside the wave you wait til you feel the push coming behind you, turn slightly sideways and exaggerate the push by leading with your shoulder. Most people will be off balance so you can climb over 4 rows in one go. As you can imagine tho from the outside its almost impossible (without being super rough and obvious) to push into the off balance wave as people are already packed super tight. And once the wave ends people tend to be close together, not moving and less receptive to being barged in front of.

What I personally like to do is do #2 until I reach a standstill then either wait for another group I can follow behind or wait for a surge to slingshot myself deeper into the crowd.

#4 Common Behaviour - This is just things I've noticed that recur a lot throughout my concert and festival trips.

As mentioned before getting into row 2 is hard as hell unless you're there really early. Why? Because row 2 is filled with protective female friends who are trying to look after their friends in row 1, the tryhard chikans that show up 7 hours before a concert even start and the normal guys who've just discovered the joys of chikaning but have no idea what they are doing. (The latter are usually the obvious chikans you see in crowds all over a girl in row 1). All of these people will fight you tooth and limb for their place in row 2. Your best time to get in row 2 is when artists or Dj's change over as people at the front rows tend to leave to get air or water. Be quick because their spots aren't vacant long. If you see a spot open up in front of you in row 1 don't feel forced to take it and if someone asks just say you don't wanna be crushed. Nothing worse than being stuck in row 1 and turning around to see all the hot girls behind you.

Also to build on #1 if you do the hand test or the dick test look out for these behaviours. If she turns around sharply right away or instantly tenses up then red flag I recommend moving on. If she turns around and apologizes with a smile on her face the amber light you may be good just don't go from 0 to 100 on her as the fact she talked to you usually means she has a big mouth. If she just continues dancing and doesn't miss a step then the lights are all green.

#5 Self Control - Control your thirst as hard as it is. That is the number 1 thing that will get you caught. Giving into the pleasure from the girl in front of that is shaking it all over you. Always keep some situational awareness around you. Never just assume that the gap in the crowd behind you is gonna get filled quickly so you can continue buttfucking the oblivious broad in front of. Wait. Ease off but do not keep turning around or you'll look sus and just wait til you feel people behind you again then continue.

If everyone is around you dancing then don't be that chikan that gets on a girl, then suddenly tenses up and can only stand perfectly still and look forward. That is a dead giveaway of a chikan especilly when everyone else around you is dancing.

Don't move around hunting after a new girl girl everytime you lose one because again you will attract attention. Instead dance for abit whilst casually surveying the area and then either A wait til the next surge and slingshot yourself behind one of the new targets you surveyed or B if you are in the front rows move back a little and create a tiny bit of space infront of you and wait. Either a nearby girl will swoop into that space or a girl trying to push to the front from the behind you will. Either way once they do, close the trap and enjoy.