GF's little sister



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May 16, 2024
My gf has a young sister, she was a young teen, but man her ass is fucking good, and she always wanders around the house with shorts and leggings that just make her ass look so good. I used to only watch her without my gf noticing and got so turned on i had to fuck my gf asap lol.

Since covid started i began to go to her house more often because we can't really go out that much. We some days watch movies on my girl's room at night, in which her lil sister started to join us rather recently. We turn off the lights with only the tv lighting the room and put something on netflix, and her sister ALWAYS gets in the middle of us. First time she did i waited for her to turn sideways so i could see her ass this close. FUCK it was so good, i started making like if i was stretching, and touched her ass with the back of my palm, i did this several times. Her ass was so soft, she was wearing leggins. I wanted to stick my dick in there so bad. but that's all that happened. Everytime i touched her ass she didn't say anything or moved so i was allright.

Then a week after, i come back do the usual, and at night we go to my gf room all good, and then her lil sister shows up... holy shit she had on those fucking spandex shorts she uses at volleyball. So tight on her ass, her ass is so nice.

So she jumps in the bed, i was laying sideways, and she fell right next to my dick, seeing her so close, her tight spandex short and thick legs (she's skinny but thick as fuck)i got a little bit closer, and started rubbing my dick against her leg just a little, to my surprise she said nothing! god it felt so good i stood like that for like five minutes. then she turned sideways, and fuckkk her ass looked so good. honestly i wanted to fuck her right there. my dick was throbbing, hard as fuck, her ass was just like an inch away from my cock all hard. i moved a bit and put the tip right in the middle. Lol i would have cum right there of how horny she gets me. I moved back fast to see if any reaction happened but NOTHING. She was oblivious. No reaction at all seeing that i push forward again, i was HElla horny i didn't give a fuck and stick all my cock in the middle of her ass.. I still can't believe i did that but it felt so fucking good, both her buttchecks crushing my dick in the middle. I saw her face and she had her eyes really opened. I saw this but i couldnt stop. i went on like this for like 10 min, then i got up and jacked off in the bathroom lol.

I continued to do this for the next weeks, did it like 3 or 4 times.
Then one day, it happened as usual, she was wearing the same shorts that turn me on so much, but this time i got my dick out, and literally started massaging her ass with my dick, it felt soo fucking good like i was owning her i passed it through one cheeck to another to the middle, just massaging it. Looked at her face and she didn't have no expression, she had gotten used to it. Then i took a wild turn. I grabbed my dick and put it right in the middle, i thrust ass deep as i could in her asss oh my fucking goddddd, she gave a little jump. My gf ask what happened and i got so scared she was going to say something but she just said, ¨ I had a bug in my arm ¨lol. Seeing that she was willing and was not saying anything . I did it again, but thrust even deeper fuckkkkk it felt like i was having sex with her, started moving my dick in circles around her arsehole. I started pushing my dick in an out on her crack, like i was fucking her... Then out of nowhere it happened. I pushed as deep on her ass as i ever did and came in her ass, yeah, IN. oh goood what a feeling. I had pushed in so hard and came before getting it out, it was fucking delicious.

After all the excitement and horniness i come back to my senses and look to what i have done, Man.... her shorts all tucked in her anus from all that pushing i did and they were SOAKED in cum, in the crack area. It looked so fucking hot, but i got so scared. Oh i forgot to tell she started moving when i was cumming, but it just made my orgasm better, she moving it and me having it in cumming.

So i got so scared and suddenly she gets her hand at her back and touches her ass i was like fuck noo not today.... She gets up the bed and i was like oh my god don't tell please, lol i was so fucking scared, but she didn't say anything, she literally went to the bathroom to CLEAN the mess i made. fuckkk i can't believe she let me use her ass and even clean herself after and willing to not say anything. Still i was scared that she was going to say something after but she didn't, after i left she said goodbye with a smile as always like nothing happened. At the time of writing this i've done this twice. She's become my little slut, and the best thing is that she acts like nothing is happening.