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May 16, 2024
Imagine being in this situation. I had Invited one of my neighbors who I've been wanting to fuck for the past 4 years over my house. I'm pretty friend zoned I can't lie lol. She has a huge ass man. But every once in a while she comes over my house whenever my roommates aren't home (like holiday weekends). So she comes over in gray leggings. And she's wasted. It's like 2am. Everytime she comes over, I make sure I wear sweats/basketball shorts with no underwear. Being the creep that I am. A lot of times I just drown out what's she's saying to me in convo and just focus on wanting to hump the shit out of her ass lmao . Maaan did I get lucky this night!!!

In the middle of our convo I stay noticing her eyes getting heavy. So I patiently just wait for her to KO. She's waaaasted man. At around 330 she finally starts to ko on my couch . Laying on her side with her ass sticking outwards towards me :)))). Imagine being in my position fellas! I slowly start groping her ass with just a finger. One finger went to 2, 3, said fuck it, and just palmed her ass completely. At this point my dick is as hard as a rock. I can still hear her snoring so i know I'm good lol. I start getting really horny. So I start grabbing her ass . Slowly and carefully lol. After grabbing her ass for maybe 10 minutes I decide I need to hump her ass before she wakes up.

It's a awkward position because I'm 6 ft and she's laying on the couch. I had to basically kneel in order for my dick to match up with her ass. I slowly start to hump her. I'm terrified man because she could easily wake up and notice what I'm doing. There was absolutely no way I can play it off. The whole situation made my dick even harder. I then get really balsy and straight up start spooning her. My dick is throbbing man. I lose control of myself and start slowly humping her. I came after maybe 8 humps lmao. I couldn't control it at all. So I go to the bathroom and clean up.

I thought I was finished but the chikan mentality in me says man this opportunity may never come again lol. So For the next 20 min after I go back to grabbing her ass and simultaneously fingering her pussy (outside of her leggings). Bang. My dick gets hard as a rock again. I made the same moves again and bust another load!! My dick was pretty content after the 2nd but hey, why not try again . Dude! Imm glad I waiting a couple of min to think about doing it again, because while I was thinking of doing it again, she wakes up! I had to make pretend I was watching tv lol. She apologized to me for ko'ing lol. I said no it's okay :) lol . She was still drunk af. As I was walking her out I got horny yet again. So I slowly start backhand her ass for a couple of seconds. Nothing crazy lol I always had my fun with her for a full hour lol.

Sorry for my way of typing fellas, I didn't pay attention in school , ever! You guys can guess why. I was always fantasizing fucking all the girls with fatasses in my classes lol. I literally barely passed every class.