light-skin colleague caught in a crowd



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May 16, 2024
Well the reason I am a bad employee is because where I work I get to press my crotch, dick and hands upon girls asses a lot. If I wasn't a pervert I would avoid it but I am thoroughly perverse and sniff out frott/grope opportunities all day long.

I work for a company that posts me at various events, theaters, museums and shops, usually when celebrities are showing up, or high profile events are happening. My team handles safety, crowd/people management and security. The pay is ok but I stay because of the guaranteed groping!

In Christmas season 2019 I was working a weekend at a theater with about 10 others, mostly girls doing a part-time job while still in school. I love how we have so many young temporary workers all the time. The show is HUGELY popular, and when one showing ends and another starts the dimly lit halls in the theater are VERY CROWDED. People trying to get out and people trying to get in is the perfect kind of crowd to squeeze through and freely touch and grope. In situations like that my heart skips beats, I get so excited I grope and touch girls like an all-you-can-eat buffet. My targets are usually teenage daughters with their families, sometimes MILFs too if they're VERY hot. Not on this occasion however...

Some of the cast of the show made it into the hall and people were going INSANE!!! One of my colleagues that day was a VERY pretty mixed-race light-skin hotty, sexy slim little body with a perfectly firm round ass wrapped in black leggins. She knows she is a hot piece of ass, I was perving on her all day, but in this environment she lacked confidence and was scared. I saw her sandwiched in the crowd and she looked stranded, clearly not enjoying being stuck in a very crowded environment. These halls are dark and quite narrow so I bet it's claustrophobic for most people. I shoved, wormed, pushed, squeezed and barged my way through the crowd until I was within reaching distance. Between all the random bodies, I reached out, and palmed the middle of her ass - a tight firm grab and held on! She jolted up in shock and tried to catch the pervert, there was no way she could know who did it - people were packed in so tight it would be impossible. 5 seconds of intimately feeling up the curves and crack of her soft-black-leggings covered ass, my grab was broken by random bodies moving around. I waited and then reached out again, this time my left hand entered below her crack and my palm firmly grabbing the inside of her right ass check - it felt AMAZING, firm and round, warm near her pussy, I could feel her underwear through her thin leggings material. This grope lasted around 5 seconds again. She was hating it and struggling in the crowd. I felt like I can do ANYTHING I WANT to her, she was stranded and stuck, completely vulnerable to my desires. The third time I was bolder, I reached out and SLIPPED MY HAND INSIDE HER LEGGINGS AND UNDERWEAR - that's right I was palming her naked ass - the best skin, smooth and firm. Pre-cum was dripping out of my dick uncontrollably. My heart beating like I was going to have a heart attack. I groped and grabbed at everything I could in there, then TIGHTLY grabbed her right cheek, then ran my middle finger up her ass crack and over her little wrinkled butt hole, then SLIPPED MY HAND BACK OUT. I sniffed my middle finger, it smelled of sweat and yummy teenage girly ass. My dick was rock hard and dribbling so much pre-cum. I needed to squeeze my cock between her cheeks. Next, I reached out and slapped her ass several times, quite hard and firm. I reached out and grabbed and pulled at her cheeks without mercy. I also ran my hand in between her cheeks to get some slaps on her pussy, which was harder to do but damn it I had to try and I did. I slipped my hand back inside her clothes again and again, trying to finger her lovely little anal wrinkle another 4 or 5 times, but I couldn't get an angle good enough to penetrate it. She pulled and slapped my hand away many times, but I persisted violating her. My final reach-out-grope was to push her leggins and underwear deep into her ass crack. I must have directly groped her about 30 times while she was stuck alone in that crowd.

It wasn't over yet.

I barged and forced myself through the bodies to reach her and when she saw me she was VERY RELIEVED. "Help me, people keep grabbing my booty" she said AS I PRESSED MY WHOLE GROIN against her beautiful protruding butt, pointed my finger towards the direction she needed to go and shouted into her ear "I'm getting grabbed too, it's happening to all of us, we need to go that way" she turned to the direction I'd pointed and then I practically climbed on to her, hunching over her, the front of my body glued to the back of her body, at times putting my hands on her shoulders to guide her - ALL THE WHILE WITH MY PENIS FORCED DEEP INTO HER LEGGINGS-WRAPPED ASS CRACK. I pulled my erect dick out of my pants and pressed my shaft vertically in to her crack, felt the thin soft fabric of her leggings on my cock and head, such a fucking turn on, drove me WILD. A few crowd surges here and there, with my dick that intimately squeezed up into her crack I thunderously and violently ERUPTED my sperm deep up in her crack, down her thighs and legs, all over those pretty little leggings. She was unaware what I was doing to her, probably just too distracted and focused to get to safety. Fuck, it was amazing! I looked down and saw thick white sperm on her legs. Out of energy I just hunched over her. Soon later she said "thanks so much for helping me" I didn't have the energy to reply. My dick was limping out so I grabbed it to squeeze drops of sperm out and rub my soft head against her round ass, making wet lines of fluid, using her ass like a tissue to clean my dick. She was obsessed with her mission to get out of the crowd. I started coming to my senses saying shit like "come on that way, you got it, push past come on" helping to navigate her.

I was worried about getting caught by this point when she sees all that cum. I was on the lookout to steal a drink from somebody to pour on her ass and legs, to make it look like somebody spilled it on her accidentally in the crowd. This is a technique I've used in the past. I reached out and stole a Pepsi can from a teenage boy, I then started discreetly pouring it over as many cum stains on her as I could. I sparingly drizzled some on my legs to make it look I got caught too.

We got out of the crowd eventually. She was wet, I was wet, I played it off and told her the groping is really common, happens to everybody and it's not a big deal. I said my penis was getting grabbed by random white middle-aged women and men. She laughed and seemed to feel much better about being practically ass-finger-fucked not 10 mins ago. What a little cunt.