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May 16, 2024
So my niece Eve has been misbehaving out with boys fighting with her mom all the time apparently. So her Mom kicks her out and my gf asks if she can move in. So yeah of course I let her. It made me thirst for her really hard. Seeing her walk around in tank tops her big succulent boobs begging to get squeezed. And these little shorts where her thick thighs and cute ass would jiggle. I even saw her in panties a tank top and no bra one time really early one morning. I could tell her boobs were big but supple and they bounced so much as she walked and her ass had such a nice curve and jiggle to it. I wanted to pin her over the counter and hump her ass while I squeezed her juicy melons right there but I didn't. I just said hey and smiled as she nervously waited for her food in the microwave and jiggled away.

I looked for an opportunity to get her and get away with it but it was hard to come by. Until I see her laying on the couch one day. Her ass was facing out and her hips were exposed. I could see her pink panties peeking out no one else was around and I thought I'd go for it. I shake her to see if shell wake and say her name. I sat there and waited and shook her on her hip. It was so full and soft. I did it again harder and still nothing so I squeezed her butt she was wearing pjs and it was amazing. Soft and juicy still no response so I really went for it and started rubbing and grabbing. Suddenly she moves and it sounds like she says what are you doing? As she wakes up, my heart is racing and I stutter out and said hey can you lay down in the other room. She does and I'm so terrified that I just blew it. But it never happens. But I layed low waiting for my chance for now.