One of my top 3 best groping sessions



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May 16, 2024
I live in North America. Buses get crowded anywhere from 530am-8am and then again at 3-530pm. I haven't had sex in a couple of years now so lately I've been having the itch to grope way more often than usual. I usually work 6 days a week from 7am-6pm. I usually go out with the intention of groping on my day off. I literally plan it every week. Sometimes I get too impatient to wait for my off day so instead I have to resort to waking up at 430 in the morn on a work day to get on a bus at 530 and be at work by 7. The hard life of a chikan lmao.

Man do I miss those days though...

I was in the middle of groping this nice juicy ass when out of nowhere a plain clothes cop grabs me and arrests me in front of 100s of people. Worst day of my life and the following 20 months or so were awful as well (had to complete a treatment program)

But maaaaaaaan I used to go to this kiss cam about 3-4 times a week. ITS A CHIKANS PARADISE MAN. Let's just say I can count on my hand the amount of times I wasn't successful at cumming. It was so fucking easy to grope girls. I discovered this kiss cam at Times Square when I got this job nearby. I would work from 7-3 pm and immediately go to the kiss cam. I wouldn't leave until I came in my pants. Which was pretty much everyday. Some days would be longer than others but I didn't give a fuck. I was like a damn crack addict lol.

I even went after I got arrested lmao. I couldn't help myself. Only thing getting arrested did was help me be more aware of my surroundings. Helped me be more discreet.

I WILL NEVER FORGET DECEMBER 24, 2015. I hadn't jerked off in about a week. I was itching to go to the kiss cam. I usually spend Christmas Eve with my family all day. I don't know what hit me this day. I was so horny. So I went. It was freezing out. I'm at the kiss cam patiently waiting for a thick girl to come by. How it would work is It would show commercials for 5 minutes and for the next 5 min they would turn on the camera. Taking pictures every minute for those 5 minutes. So essentially 5 pictures are being taken.

Everyone would rush to get in the center of the heart, which is where the action would take place. So I always stayed at the back so I can scope out the girls with the fattest ass. After about 30 min or so, a really sexy dark skinned (I think Jamaican) teenager with a slim body and thick ass.

She passed by with her older sister (no ass) and her grandma. My heart started beating faster and faster as they passed by and wondered what the crowd was about. They were just showing commercials when they passed by. But thank god, the camera turned on and all 3 started walking toward the center. I run as fast as I could to get behind her and wasted no time. I rested my flaccid dick on her ass. It didn't take long before my dick got rock hard. She was literally trapped. We're at the very center of the heart and many people were pushing and shoving and of course I used that to my advantage ;). She was literally sitting on my dick. She was 5 foot 3. I'm 5'10. She had to tip toe to get her face shown because the guy in front of her was towering her as well.

When she tip toed I inserted my dick under her ass and was on her pussy! Poking her pussy over and over . When the camera finally took the picture, her gma said okay that was nice but we have to go. The girl turned around and said aww man and smiled at me :). I was about to lose my target man! I was so upset. They started to walk away and I was just praying they turn it back on ASAP (I knew they were but they didn't know that). Once it came on everyone screamed and the girl said wait gma it came on again, looked at me and ran to get in the center again. I ran as well and repeated the same process. This time however I put my hand on her hip and started violently humping her. I'm looking at the screen to see her reaction and she's giggling/biting her lip! This was like a wet dream come true for me. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I CAME SO FUCKING HARD!!!

I vividly remember how much my body was twitching the entire time I was cumming. I swear I would pay a lot of money to relive that moment man. I remember I went to a nearby bar to use the bathroom to check out the damage I did in my pants. Maaaan lmao. I made a huge mess. So much cum ran down my leg. I had on these Mc hammer pants with no underwear. Literally the thinnest material ever man. She without a doubt felt every inch :)))