Protest fun



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May 16, 2024
I've only been to one protest about 2 months ago. It was fucking insane man. We marched from the New York nets stadium to a police precinct that was like 3 miles away. There was so many girls dressed like whores. I was grabbing all kinds of asses while we were marching. Once we got to the precinct shit went left real fast. These 3 kids (teens) started throwing rocks, trash cans at the police cars. Breaking the windows. The police were outside while this was happening. They didn't have the manpower to control everyone so they called for back up. In those 5 min, while waiting for back up, a whole bunch of kids started throwing shit at the policemen and once that happened the police started attacking back.

That's when I took advantage because everyone had their eyes on the chaos happening. I started legit caressing/grabbing so many fat asses. None of them had a clue. I violated this one hispanic girl in particular that was standing still. She was scared shitless, just standing there not knowing what to do. I got right behind her and went straight to grabbing her ass. I was so rough with the grabbing. I got hard pretty fast so I went from that to humping. I was bumping into her with my dick so hard I was pushing her forward a few inches with every hump ;). She had no idea lmaoo. I was getting rock hard man. Her mind was focused on the whole chaos happening, the last thing on her mind was someone groping her lol. I wasn't even close to cumming though because I was scared myself. Last thing I wanted was getting shot and having my last moments alive groping some asses lololol

Police started attacking people with their riot shields so I unfortunately had to leave the crowd. As I was leaving I saw this one Asian girl with the most incredible ass. I HAD to grope her. I got right behind her. Humped her for maybe 10 secs. I switched it up and started groping her ass w my hands . BAD IDEA. She looked back at me and yelled Yo wtf is wrong with you you fucking pervert!!. Besides her friends she was with, nobody paid any mind when she yelled that out loud. I tried to pretend it wasn't me but then 2 secs later she started punching me in the arm and attacking me with her purse . That's when a few people around us started noticing what was going on, so I ran the fuck out of there. Pushing and shoving mad people while getting out of there lmao.

I made it out of there safely but man I was scared for about 20 seconds. I thought I was gonna get jumped. However, Imm a pretty fast runner lol and man was my adrenaline running. That was only protest I've been to. No barricades though. I would definitely like to go to one where they have em.