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May 16, 2024
When I was still in school, one of THE hottest girls in my class became friends with me - 5ft2 slim blonde white chick with beautiful blue eyes, big boobs and a stunning round firm ass. She developed early and all the boys, men and teachers would check her out haha. She loved wearing skimpy, barely-there outfits - tiny skirts was normal for her. Tight jeans, leggings and dresses too.

I put up the platonic friendship act so I could mercilessly perv on her and check her out all the time. She was the complete innocent, bimbo and naive type of girl and had no sense of personal space. I loved every second with her. For 6 years until she got married she was my play toy, I did everything I wanted to her fit, sexy, tight little body.

I am still distant friends with her and her husband and when we meet up if he isn't there I cleverly molest and grope her at will hahaha

Here is some of the shit I got up to BEFORE groping/frotting her in the first couple of weeks we became close friends:

- I would ALWAYS try to walk up stairs behind her and secretly pretend to grope and molest her ass without actually touching her
- In shopping malls I would line up behind her or basically always get behind her to perv on her legs and thighs
- At least 50 times I lifted up her skirt to look at her beautiful panties when she was unaware
- When we sat opposite each other I would get really good looks at her cleavage and her juicy sexy tits
- Essentially I perved on her like I was watching porn
- But never touched her (yet!)

My lust for her grew, so did my acting skills. I jerked off 2 or 3 times a day thinking of dirty things about her.

Then, for the first time, I met her parents when I was invited over. They loved me and treated me as if I was a brother of hers. That very day she asked me to follow her up to her bedroom, as usual I had my eyes fixated on her butt - delicious fucking round curved firm butt, she had a really small skirt on and I had upskirted her about 5 times at school already, pink cotton panties underneath! I lifted her skirt and watched as her cheeks went up step by step to her fucking bedroom. It always gave me a raging erection violating her like that and I was already addicted to doing that to her every safe chance I got. Doing it in her house was exciting me even more!

Her bedroom was the typical girly shit - posters on the wall, bunch of clothes and crap here and there. Well, her bed was really messy so we didn't sit on it. She had a desk and a computer so I sat on her chair. WITHOUT ANY HESITATION she put her object-of-my-desires ass right on to my jeans covered dick! Yep she sat on my lap. Before this point we hadn't even hugged as friends, must have fist bumped for jokes like twice. So no physical contact at all really... I could not believe how amazing it felt feeling and seeing her sexy hot little bod sat on my lap! My dick quite quickly was rock hard. She kept shuffling to adjust for a better position as we both looked at her computer screen. I put my hands on her naked thighs and rested them there - she didn't mind!! Pre-cum was oozing out my dick and I felt a massive wet patch developing! Smelling her apricot shampood hair and alluring perfume was driving me wild

Through my innocent-friend-act I caressed her smooth legs while we were distracted playing a shitty Flash browser game on her crap computer. I was so distracted by perving and molesting her I cant remember what we talked about but something finally clicked in my head:

It was THAT MOMENT where I turned her into my personal pleasure toy. I got the confidence to touch her and man handle her at will, so when it was my turn to play that crap Flash game, while she was giggling I scooped an arm under her legs and adjusted her sideways in my lap.... I sensed her total carefree attitude about my hands being on her, her body language was totally submissive and I felt like I could do ANYTHING to her........... Now she was sat across my entire shaft, the only thing between my dick and her anus/pussy was a thin pink cotton panties and my jeans. I bounced her around on my cock while pretending to be really into the game and the friction on my shaft was SO FUCKING AMAZING, I was deriving pleasure from her, I kept going and her ass was bouncing around in my lap and on my dick, and a few seconds later I burst out a GIANT sized load of cum in my boxers!!!

And that gentlemen, perverts and chikans, is my first frott, grope and cum on a target!