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May 16, 2024
This concert was amazing. I really hope I have another one soon.

I've been away from concerts for awhile, as I've been having so much success on public transport / a regular outdoor event. But I decided this week I needed to return, and man. I had so many intense buttfucks, all from white women, and none were teens! One was a total MILF, two others looked mid to late twenties.

The first was a mother with her husband and daughter at the barricade. Man, the moment I put it on her she slid it back on me. I was going in hard, I had all the green light I needed when I slowed down. I would just rest it on her right cheek, and she would slide her whole ass over so I went from right to left. At times she'd go up and down, real slow and I would just moan to myself. She was just stroking my cock with her ass real slow so I'd feel all that booty, and so she'd feel all this dick.

At one point, I came off her for about 20 seconds. When I sunk back in, I watched her face and she just bit her lip real hard. After that she went back to rubbing that booty on me. It felt so goddamn good. I think I was on her for about an hour before I moved.

I'd been eyeing this very thick neeky white girl. Early twenties, glasses, big tits and booty wrapped in very think trousers. I didn't go there first as she was in a group but second row, and angled to the side with a guy near her, but not on her.

But after about an hour, she faced forwards. Man. I got right behind right while she was dancing very aggressively. Fuck. She was going up down, left right, that booty was right in my lap. Cheeks all over my thighs with her crack going up and down bouncing my meat all around. It felt so good. I was throbbing a lot, and whenever I did, I would see her sigh and play with he hair. She knew a big dick was between her, and I think she was unsure of how to react lmao.

There was a point when I got her hard, and I felt her crack split, my dick was really buried in between. I think that's when it hit her that it was too much lmfao, maybe she had a boyfriend and felt like she shouldn't be doing this as she snuck in front of her friend. I got her for maybe 15 minutes, but luckily, she didnt give me a negative reaction. No lookey loo behaviour or drama, she simply started dancing with her friend and completely ignored me. Cool.

I immediately turned my attention to who would be my best of the night, and my longest. For the remainder of the concert, maybe 90 minutes I was buried behind this white teen on the barrier in blue leggings with a donkey ass. My God.

She was shaking, kinda twerking her booty for a bit of momentum. I rested my meat faced downwards on her, and she increased her momentum times ten. She just swang my meat all over the place and I couldn't help but moan in pleasure. After some time she would do this kinda bounce and shake move, where she was smack it in my lap and bounce it, then repeat and repeat. I was saying to myself you better never stop lmao. I would throb and throb and kinda thrust and she would just give it to me.

After maybe ten minutes she looked behind her and gave a delivish smile in my direction, but not at me. She knew she was riding a dick. This was confirmed when she whispered something in her friends ear, and the friend so REALLY, while glancing at me. After that, she just went back to work.

She kept fucking me with different moves, there came a point where she stopped twerking side to side, and did more of an up down motion, man. She went right down to my swollen head and rubbed it up and down. I just couldn't believe it how good this, this is the difference between public transport or crowded events, and clubs and concerts. You may hump her, but you can't get twerked on! I let out a faint fuck when she did that on my dick.

The remaining hour or so was her just massaging my dick in a million different ways. My favorite was when it got really rammed, and it got to a point where her back was on my chest with that ass in my lap. Man, I felt that delicious feeling of her ass splitting around my erection. I never wanted it to end.

It feels good to back in the concert game! I missed it. I do think I had some luck, being that all my 3 targets were in very close proximity to one another, yet none gave me lookey loo behaviour after moving off them and onto the next. It's something that is difficult to accomplish in other environments! Think it's fair to say I'm about to book my next one!