Train ride



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May 16, 2024
Man I have to mention how good my day was yesterday. I came 2x with 2 different girls. First one was on a train. It was a teen with her mom. I was scoping on the platform and once I laid my eyes on her, I knew she was gonna be the one to allow me to grope her. Some girls just have that look, don't know how to explain it. She had a small perky ass. Nothing too crazy. Only worry I had was her mom noticing what I was doing but she was too busy talking on the phone. The daughter had on sweatpants and had her book bag in front of her :). She was playing a game on her phone while my dick was pressed on her ass cheek. Humped the shit out of her. I came in my pants in less than a minute.

Once I got off the train . I got on a bus about 30 min later. My dick was already content. I had no plans on groping again but suddenly the bus got crowded at this one busy bus stop. I saw this older lady, maybe late 30s early 40s. Noticed her nice juicy ass from the back of the bus. I had to make my way over to her. This one had on leggings. I usually don't grope girls with sweats or leggings or any loose clothing (although it feels amazing) because they usually feel my 7 inch thick dick (no homo). I got lucky this day however.

I got right behind her. I was able to get hard before my dick even made contact which is a good thing. Sometimes when it's flaccid when you make contact, they can feel when it gets erect. When it's already erect when you make contact they might think it's just your leg haha just my opinion. I got hard as soon as I got behind her. I planted my dick on the left cheek at first to test the waters. She didn't make any movement so I slowly went between her ass cheeks. I exploded about 15 seconds in! I came in less than a minute both times! And then about 10 min later, another lady in her 30s came in with the most incredible ass. Bigger than both asses I groped yet. She had on leggings too. I hand/finger groped her just for shits and giggles. Didn't notice anything. Man I was mad. Wish I had came against that ass. All good though. I had an amazing day yesterday regardless

I hope you guys get lucky soon man

Oh I also came in my pants about a week ago. I got really lucky. It was a smoking hot teen with a big ass in leggings. I couldn't believe how fast I came with this teen. I put my dick against the side of her ass cheek (unfortunately because she had a book bag on) but it wasn't a prob for my dick. I came in less than 20 seconds!!! I know this because once I got in the train, the announcement came on that says stand clear of the closing doors please once they closed and train started going I used the motion of the train to dig as deep as I can in the side of her cheek. Even pushed her a bit. She had trouble keeping her balance so she had to push me back with her ass. (I don't think she was a player btw. I think she just felt like somebody was pushing her) Before we even got to the next train stop (which is only 8 street blocks) I came in my pants probably 4,5 blocks in. Man I've been getting really lucky